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Congratulations and Thank You!!

10,000 Homepage Views of our FVHS '74 Website!

This morning we logged the 10,000th view of our homepage!  This is a remarkable milestone to achieve within one year of the start of this website!  Thank you!  Lauren Smythe Ritchie put us over the top.

Our 45 year reunion last October was a great party.  But many people were not able to attend because of geography, other priorities, etc.  Our website provides a "virtual reunion" which continues.  Thanks to all of you for keeping it interesting by sharing your stories, photos, and updating your profiles!

We are always open to suggestions, or questions, that could help us to improve this site and your experience with it.  Please use the "Contact Us" button (look left and up) to send an email with your comments, questions, or suggestions.

Toujours Avec Fierte,

Mike Lucia

FVHS '74 

New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some resolutions for 2020.  You can do this!  These will make for a great new year for our class!

  •  Add to your profile.  Answer more of the questions that come up when you go to your profile and click on “Edit Profile”. 
  • Upload a photo or two.  You have some nice ones on your phone right now.  If you aren’t sure how to upload, send them by email to 45threunion@fountainvalley74.com and they will be posted for you.
  • Reach out to a friend from our class and wish them a “Happy New Year”.  Encourage them to join the website if they haven’t already.
  • Upload a photo to your Jr. High or elementary school page.
  • Contact someone from your junior high or elementary school and plan a 50 year reunion.  Pick a date and place to meet for coffee or a meal (it doesn’t have to be in Southern California).  Any two people from your class can meet and call it a “reunion”.
  • Make a donation to the FVHS ’74 Reunion Fund.  We have on-going expenses for the website.  Also funds are needed for memorial service flowers, deposits for the 50th reunion, and a class gift to FVHS.





In order to ensure you receive important messages from our class web site, as well as messages sent directly to you from other Classmates, it's important you whitelist the email address noreply@classcreator.net (that's a .net, not a .com).

What is whitelisting? Whitelisting simply means you are telling your email program to accept all emails coming from our class web site and our Classmates. The technique for whitelisting varies by email program, but generally you will see the term "Whitelist", "Safe List", or "Safe Sender's List". This is where you want to be sure you have added the email address noreply@classcreator.net.

Class Creator, the system that helps us operate our class web site, uses the address noreply@classcreator.net when sending out email messages. Be assured that all emails sent through our site are valid — you will not receive spam email. Whitelisting noreply@classcreator.net is the single most important thing you can do to ensure you don't miss anything happening on our site or miss receiving your emails from your fellow Classmates.

Stop and take a moment to whitelist noreply@classcreator.net right now, and ensure you stay connected!


Mike Lucia

FVHS '74


Thank you for your contribution.


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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

4 live in Alabama
2 live in Alaska
21 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
440 live in California
16 live in Colorado
18 live in Florida
4 live in Georgia
8 live in Hawaii
9 live in Idaho
7 live in Illinois
2 live in Indiana
1 lives in Kentucky
2 live in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
3 live in Maryland
4 live in Massachusetts
6 live in Michigan
1 lives in Mississippi
4 live in Missouri
3 live in Montana
1 lives in Nebraska
12 live in Nevada
4 live in New Jersey
2 live in New Mexico
6 live in New York
6 live in North Carolina
8 live in Ohio
14 live in Oregon
4 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
1 lives in South Dakota
6 live in Tennessee
13 live in Texas
8 live in Utah
2 live in Vermont
1 lives in Virginia
12 live in Washington
3 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
1 lives in Romania
354 location unknown


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


•   Larry Parish  3/31
•   Warren Hill  3/29
•   Rosa Hernandez  3/29
•   Patricia Hatch  3/28
•   Michael Hartsfield  3/28
•   Gwendolyn Griswold  3/28
•   Nicholas Garland  3/28
•   David Garcia  3/28
•   Eloisa Barros (Kolancian)  3/26
•   Glenn Friedrich  3/26
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