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Questions & Answers

  • I live in Idaho and I once saw 13 people do. How can I get that list to see if I know anyone here?
  • How can I change my name to my maiden name? Nobody knows my married name.

    • In fact, both your maiden and married names are shown every time your name is listed on the site.  It looks like this, First Name, Maiden family name, (Married family name), and is alphabetized using maiden names.

    • You can change your name or several other things by going to the "Edit Contact Info" page (www.fountainvalley74.com/member_contact_form.cfm).  It can be found by going to the "head and shoulders" icon at the upper right of the page.  
  • Is there a "hidden" reason for the historical messages posted nearly every day?
    • Sorry to disappoint, but there is no "hidden" reason for the news headlines, newscast and music videos.
    • To keep things interesting it is good to have something posted daily.
    • There are strong parallels with the events and struggles of 1970 compared with 2020.  In many ways things were much worse due to war in Viet Nam and Cambodia. 
    • Some of the most meaningful and heartfelt music was written and performed in the 1970s as well.  Music videos are appreciated by many.
    • Current political points and observations are intentionally avoided, as there are plenty of other places for people to air their feelings on today’s news. 
    • Our class includes people across political, religious, national, and cultural spectrums. Sticking to historic material helps because the information we receive on current events is "asymmetrical".  We do not understand all that we think we know about things as they are happening.  Allowing time to pass before drawing any conclusions is wise.  Some people, by virtue of their occupation or calling may have to be in the fray, but most do not.  It is a lot like professional sports.  Interesting to watch, but some people get a lot silly about “their” teams.
  • How do I send a note to someone in our class? Or to the entire class? I wanted to share what I just wrote with classmates but didn’t see a ‘select all’ button!
    • To communicate with FVHS '74 classmates and guests using the features of www.mygsb90.com:

      1) to send a message to an individual in our class, click on "Classmate Profiles" in the menu bar. Find the person's name you want to send the message to and click on "Send __________ a private message", then fill out the form and the message is on its way.

      2) to send a message to a group of classmates go the the "head and shoulders" icon at the upper right and click on "message center". Then you type a few letters of the name of the first person you wan the message to go to, then click on the full name when it comes up. Do this again for all the people you want to be included in the message you are sending. Then fill out the message form, click on send, and they will all receive the message.

      3) to post a message for everyone to see, one way is to use "What's New" at the far end of the menu bar. Just type in your message where it says, "Share your thoughts with Classmates" and click on "Post Message". You can also add photos or videos when you post.
  • How do I get my information onto the "Baron Barometer"?  
    • Information is gleaned from entries on your profile and publicly available websites such as "LinkedIn".  
    • You can also us the "Contact Us" button to send information directly to the reunion team for posting on the "Baron Barometer".
  • There are a lot of email notifications from our website.  How do I reduce the number of email messages?
    • The reunion team tries to have a daily update to keep things interesting.  Many people check the website often to see the music videos which are added daily.  
    • To eliminate email notifications for daily page updates, click on the "head and shoulders" icon at the upper right corner of the site (between the bell and gears icons).  Click on "Notify Me".   Go to the line that says, "Pages on the site have been added or updated" and select the "never" option.
  • I purchased 2 tickets to the 45 year reunion, my question is how do we get the tickets? 
    • The “tickets” for the reunion are just a figure of speech in this electronic age.  The website will produce a list of people who paid, and nametags for each person as well.  When you arrive you will be checked in against the list and given your name tags.  See you on Saturday!
  • What is the attire for the 45 year reunion?
    • WHAT TO WEAR: There have been some questions and discussions on what to wear to the reunion.  The general guideline is "Cocktail Attire".  This is defined in several articles on-line and provides for a lot of variation.  The key is to feel comfortable and expect that there will be people at our reunion in a variety of styles.  Another suggestion is "California Classy".  Below are some links which you might find useful, or at least entertaining.

      How to Dress for a High School Reunion (Women)

      How to Dress for a High School Reunion (Men)

      What is "Cocktail Attire"?

      Dress Code Decoder Ring

      Finally, we have classmates coming to our reunion from many regions of the country.  This comment from the last article may be relevant:

      "Note that these categories differ somewhat from region to region. My husband and I were invited to dinner at my major professor's house when I was in graduate school. When I asked him about dress, he replied, "Casual, of course." To me, that's jeans and a top, or maybe a denim or cotton skirt instead of jeans. As we were getting ready, at the last minute we upgraded to "business casual" - and good thing, too. When we arrived, his wife was wearing white velvet pants and a very dressy black top, and he was wearing a gray suit and tie. The table was set with their good china and silver! This was in a university town on the West Coast - but this couple was originally from the East Coast. There's a difference! Likewise, my cousin (who lives and works in Washington DC) defines "casual" as a sports jacket and slacks instead a suit!"

      Please, please, don't stress about what to wear.  We want you to come and wear whatever is comfortable.  Regional costumes are most welcome.  Come and enjoy.  Believe it or not, most people are way less concerned about what you are wearing than what they are wearing!

  • My name is not on the "Missing Classmates" list, but I graduated from FVHS in 1974?  How could you forget me?
    • You were not forgotten, we just got tired of typing in each name individually from the yearbook.  
    • If you want to receive an email invitation to join the website, click on "Contact Us" and fill in the short form.  
    • Thanks for asking!  You are "2 good 2 be 4gotten!"
  • Why are we having a 45 year reunion?  Wouldn't it be better to wait for the 50th?
    • This reunion came about from a conversation at the 44th mini-reunion.  Rick Hatfield and Mike Lucia started talking about how to build interest in reunions for our class.  Rick mentioned that the 50th reunion for our elementary schools was coming up in 2020 and that people from the elementary schools naturally grouped together at our full class reunions.
    • We also know that our contact list had dwindled from what it once was to a couple of Facebook pages.  This wasn't reaching many of the people in our class, so we had a lot of work to do to build our list for the 50th, and not rely on Facebook.
    • By building our contact list and using the elementary schools for research and outreach, we willl be able to assist those elementary school classes who are interested in pulling together 50 year reunions next year.
    • Finally, as time passes and we go from 63 to 68 years old, we are not getting any younger, so a 45 year reunion should be more fun and better attended than the 50th.
    • We will plan a 50th, so our 45th will be a good "dress-rehearsal"! 
  • I heard that ___Name__________ passed away and they are not listed on the “In Memory” page.  Why not?
    • If you have a link to an obituary, a copy of the program or bulletin from a memorial service, or a statement from a relative or close friend who attended the memorial service and can provide the date (year at least) the name will be added.
  • What is the security risk of the www.fountainvalley74.com website?
    • Compared to typical “social networking” sites, it is much, much better.  This information is from the First Time Visitors page:

    All contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address) that you enter into this website will be kept confidential. The host of this web site, ClassCreator.com, is a locally-owned business. They understand the importance of your privacy. Your personal information will never be sold to other sites. It will not be shared or distributed.

    Your contact information is private; your street address, e-mail address, and phone number cannot be seen by classmates. Each classmate has the ability to limit the visibility of his or her profile to only fellow classmates by clicking on the appropriate answer in the Profile Visibility section during profile setup. If you do not opt for privacy on this line your profile can be viewed by non members such as your friends or family, but also note your profile will be fully indexable by major search engines.

    Finding your class web site Profile pages by searching Google or other major search engines:

    If you are signed on to the site and restricted your profile to only fellow classmates, and then use a search engine to see if the privacy options above are working, it will appear they are NOT. This is only because you are signed into the site. Sign out and check again. You will see that none of your profile information is viewable by non members.

    Emails may be shared within this site using the contact option at the top of each classmate's profile page (just look under the classmate's main photo in the upper left). This way you will be able to contact classmates without sharing your private email address, unless you choose to do so.

    All class Email news sent from us to you via this web site: For those of you with spam blocking or email filtering capabilities, please add noreply@classcreator.net to your email account as a safe sender in order to ensure you receive email communications from us.

    Please note that if you do not want your name and picture on this site it may be removed by contacting Michael Lucia. This will end all communications to you from the Fountain Valley High School Class of 1974, unless you ask that special arrangements be made.

  • How can I help with the 45 year reunion?
    • #1: Contact people you knew in school and let them know about the reunion and www.fountainvalley74.com.
    • #2: Add information about yourself on your profile.  Photos are great!
    • #3: Plan to attend the reunion.  Make your travel and lodging arrangements early.
    • #4: Complete the “Reunion Activity Survey”.  Use the “Contact Us” button if you have an interest and are willing to help organize and lead one of the activities.
    • #5: Contact your elementary school “researcher” and offer to assist with photos from your elementary school days.
    • #6: Look for individual senior portraits, small size, you may have “traded” with classmates.  Scan these and send by email to 45threunion@fountainvalley74.com and the reunion team will post them as “yearbook” photos on profiles on the website.
  • Why isn’t Fulton (Dwyer, McDowell, Crest View, Rancho View) school listed in the list of Feeder schools?
    • We did not start with a complete list and have added these options as they were brought up.
  • What do you do at a reunion; I’ve never been to one before?
    • There is a schedule from the 20 year reunion in the “Previous Reunions” Gallery
      • 6:00 Reception, Check-in, Photos
      • 8:00 Dinner
      • 9:00 Class Quiz & Door Prizes
      • 9:30 Dancing
      • 1:00 Last Dance
    • Each one is a little bit different.  We will probably have short program in place of the class quiz and door prizes.  Photos posted to the website can be put into a slideshow that will be running continuously.
    • For the 45th we are expanding to a weekend format and adding a class section at the Edison –FV football game on Friday, cocktail reception on Friday, Family picnic, Scavenger Hunt, Golf Tournament, and Shopping Trip.  Of course we’ll need organizers and leaders to pull off these activities, but those are the ideas shown on the “Reunion Activity Survey”.  We expect that broadening the program will make the trip back to California more worthwhile for our classmates who have moved away.
  • Can you help me find my friend who graduated in our class?
    • Yes!  We will research specific people and do our best to put you into contact with them.  Hope you both can come to the reunion in October!
  • How do I post a picture on my profile?
    • 1. Click on "Edit Profile" on the left edge menu.
    • 2. That should open to your profile screen which has four reserved photo locations, "Main", "Then", "Now", and "Yearbook".
    • 3.  Go to the reserved photo location and select "add photo".
    • 4.  This will take you to a screen that shows any photos that you've already uploaded.  If you haven't uploaded any yet, you won't see any pictures, but there will be a button that says, "upload photos".  Click on that.
    • 5.  This takes you to a browser of your computer's folders and files.  Choose the photo file you want to upload, click on it, then click on "Open" at the bottom.  The photo should upload. 
    • 6.  Once the photo is uploaded, you can choose it from the "add photo" in steps 3 and 4 above.
  • Who is considered a FVHS Class of ’74 classmate for the reunion?
    • Anyone who entered FVHS as a freshman in 1970, or transferred to FVHS and attended classes with us as a part of the FVHS Class of ’74.  Also anyone who graduated from a “feeder school” in 1970 and then went to another high school.