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Gratitude - Thanksgiving 2019

Understatement: We have a lot to be thankful for this year of 2019!

In preparing for the 45 year reunion, this video was posted:

It describes the founding and history of Fountain Valley.  What a remarkable time we lived through from 1964 - 1974.  Our town and schools were developing and growing.  This was being done, pretty much with us in mind, the children of the time.  Wow!  Something for which we can be grateful as we feast with our families and reach out to those in need.




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Mike Lucia

FVHS '74


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•   Sylvia McCarty '77 (Stark)  12/11
•   Richard Tessier  12/9
•   David Matsuo  11/19
•   Chris Bent  11/14
•   Michael Lucia  11/14
•   Kristie Freidan '80 (Musso)  11/13
•   Linda Biggers (Steorts)  11/13
•   Deborah McLain (Lewis)  11/13
•   Mary Jo Meade (Nelson)  11/11
•   Kathi Niffenegger '75  11/11
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